The poor man wood cutter

*Once apon a time there was a poor woodcutter lived in a small village throught he was very poor  he was always an honest and God fearing person.
On a very hot  day he tooked his axe and inside near by forest in search of wood after searching for a longtime, he found  one good  tree near a river  inside  the forest
**As the wood cutter was cutting2 the wood, suddenly his axe fliped from his hand and fell inside the rivers , the rivers was very deep  so he could not get in to the water to take his axe out he stard crying,
***suddenly an angel appeared from Inside the river water, she asked why the woodcutter was crying ,the woodcutter told about his axe Fell inside the water,the angel went inside the water and after some time came out with a golden axe in her hands,the woodcutter refused to accepted the golden axe.
****the angel again went inside the water this time she came out with a silver axe and gave to the woodcutter,refused saying that’s silver axe is not mind,finally the angel came out with a iron axe woodcutter,,
*****The wood cutter was so happily accept his own axe and gave thanks to the angel,and the angel was pleased withe his honesty,the angel reward the Gold&silver axe to that poor woodcutter…image

1*Honesy always get reward
2**Honesty always the best policy
  Thank u for reading thise story❤


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